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"Passing The Torch Of Knowledge"


Qualifications & Relevant Experience:
  • 2015-Present: Caselot Orderfilling Walmart Distribution Area Manager
  • 2015- Master’s Degree in Business Administration
  • 2014- Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute Graduate
  • 2014- White House Initiative on HBCU’s selectee
  • 2014- American Educational Research Association Author
  • 2014- Men Achieving Leadership Excellence Director (Mentor Program)
  • 2012- Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing
  • 11 years of working experience
  • 5 years of mentoring experience
  • 2 years of Corporate America experience
  • 2 Start-up Business experiences
Sterling Mark ~ CEO
Mr. Mark was born in Lufkin, Texas. Mark’s mother was a single mother with three kids and all different fathers. His mother didn’t attend college, never had a stable job, and resorted to alcohol to provide her balance, which led to a hopeless childhood. His mother left him after his sophomore year in high school, so Mr. Mark was introduced to the street life hands-on at an early age. When Mr. Mark arri​ved at Prairie View he was another lost soul.
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